Where do I park?

We have two large parking lots for your convenience. Our church is located on the corner of Highway 959 and Highway 63. You can access a parking lot from each side. 

What Time do I arrive? 

Sunday School starts at 9 for all ages. Our Sunday morning service starts at 10:15. Our Sunday evening service starts at 6:00. Our Wednesday service starts at 6:00. Our activities for kids and youth start at various times. Check out the WHAT WE DO page to see all the opportunities kids have for discipleship. 

Where do I go?

After you park you can make your way over to the fellowship building. If you're looking at the sanctuary it is the "little sanctuary" on the right. Sunday school classes for every age are in this building. 

What do I do with my kids?

At Bluff Creek we give you the option to include your kids in anyway to choose as much or as little as you choose. We offer a nursery for little guys and gals during Sunday School, Sunday Morning service, and the Sunday Evening service. Don't feel obligated to use it if you would rather them be in services with you -- it is really up to your family. Kiddos birth to pre-k meet for Sunday school in the nursery. Kiddos Kindergarten to high school meet in the Sunday School classes next to the courtyard. 

Where do I find the coffee?  

Before Sunday school we have coffee in the kitchen of the fellowship building. Feel free to head in the kitchen and make yourself a cup. 

Do I need to dress up?

That's your call. As long as you're clothed you'll fit right in at Bluff Creek. Some people choose to wear a suit or dress while some choose to wear their wranglers and boots. We have folks who dress in a wide spectrum of attire and have even seen some in overalls or camo -- as long as your comfortable that is all that matters. 

WHAT if I have special needs?

Please let us know how we can best serve you. If you or your family have special needs of any kind please shoot us an email and we will do whatever we can to accommodate you. 

What is the Service like?

We're a pretty traditional southern baptist church. In a normal service we sing theologically rich & doctrinally sound hymns, have a time for prayer, have a special message for our children, and then our pastor gives a 30-40 minute expositional and exegetical message. 

What happens after the service?

That's your call. After the service people will want to meet you. Our people at Bluff Creek are exceptionally nice and genuinely want to get to know you. If you fill out a contact card and put it in the offering our Pastor will contact you at some point during the week so you can get to know him a little better.